Releasing Insights.

PigeonLine is an enterprise-grade analytics platform that automates reporting and benchmarks your service performance in clicks.

The Problem.

Conventional technology for extracting insights are holding back service improvement and market research. Slow and tedious data collection, cleaning, analysis and reporting is inefficient.

The Solution.

This is why we automate processing, analytics, and reporting.

Using machine learning, we instantly convert raw data into usable data. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop platform gives access to the most sophisticated predictive modelling with no expert knowledge required.

No more frustrating and repetitive work: with PigeonLine, you have streamlined and customized reports at your fingertips.

Releasing Insights. Securely.

Insightful marketing research, in clicks.

Drive customer / client satisfaction, improve loyalty, enhance employee engagement, streamline process improvement, and much more.

Just drag-and-drop your data, and find insights in clicks.

Public sector in mind.

We leverage a strong Public Sector focus, having been built with the support and passion of public service leaders from around the globe.

Strict data handling standards and governance.

We care about your anonymity. We use our own infrastructure and do not use third parties, unlike those companies that snoop your data.


Immediate access to relevant, meaningful and detailed scores from industries leaders. Situate yourself within the communities of best practice anonymously.

Using conventional methods: data processing, analytics, and reporting takes weeks.

Using PigeonLine: all three stages are combined into a seamless process.